Rice University

Department of English

Graduate Students


Alexander Adkins
B.A. English, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
B.A. Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Charlotte



Alanna Beroiza
Sexuality and gender studies, feminist theory, 20th century studies
B.A. English, Bowdoin College



Hannah Biggs
Rural and farm narrative, modernism, critical animal studies
B.A.s, English Literary Studies and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Otterbein University



Laura Bilhimer
B.A. English, University of Kansas



Sydney Boyd
Twentieth-century literature, opera, sound theory
B.A. English and Music, University of Idaho



Larry Butz  
B.A. English, Michigan State University



Joseph Carson 
Nineteenth century American literature, critical race and critical animal studies, biolpolitics and posthumanism
M.A. English, James Madison University
B.A. Theatre, James Madison University 

 Rice Shield

Paul Case 
M.A., James Madison University
B.A., Lynchburg University



Mark Celeste
Victorian Literature & Culture, Marginalized Bodies, Soundscapes
M.A. English, Syracuse University
B.A. English, Penn State University

 Lindsey Chappell

Lindsey Chappell
Time, Narrative, Romantic and Victorian Travel Writing
Dissertation Title: Temporal Forms in the Nineteenth-Century British Mediterranean 
M.A. English, University of Colorado, Boulder
B.A. English, William Jewell College


 Rice Shield

Evan Choate
M.A. English, University of British Columbia
B.A. Philosophy Honours, University of British Columbia
Graduate Student Representative 2015-2016


 New Rachel

Rachel Conrad
American Literature 1850-1950, Histories of Illness, Contagion, Biopolitics, and Public Health
B.A. English, University of Vermont


Amanda Ellis
Chicana/o Literature, American Literature, Ethnic Studies
Dissertation Title: Detrás de Cada Letra: Trauma and Healing in Contemporary Chicana/o Literature
M.A., San Francisco State University 
B.S., Barry University

 Ellis Etchison

John Ellis-Etchison
Dissertation Title: A Sovereign Menagerie: Political Theology and the Animal Turn in Early Modern Drama
 Renaissance drama, critical animal studies, and gender studies
M.A. Folklore Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
B.A.s Political Science and English, Oklahoma Baptist University


 New Jo

Joanna Fax
M.S., Teaching, Pace University (New York, NY)
B.A., Skidmore College



Lorena Gauthereau
Chicano/a studies, print culture, transnational American studies
M.A. Hispanic Studies, Rice University
B.A. English and Political Science, Rice University


 New Abby

Abby Goode  
Nineteenth century American literature, sustainability, transnational American studies
Dissertation Title: Democratic Demographics: A Literary Genealogy of American Sustainability
M.S. Teaching, Pace University, New York, NY
B.A. English and Spanish, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont


Jade Hagan
Literature and ecology, ontology and aesthetics, emergentism
M.A. Comparative Literature, University of Colorado Boulder
B.A. English, Tulane University

 Niffy Hargrave Jennifer Hargrave
British Romanticism, Imperial Studies, Anglo-Sino Relations
Dissertation Title: The Romantic Reinvention of Imperial China, 1759–1857
M.A. English, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
B.A. English, The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

Margaret P. Harvey
Victorian literature and culture, gender, political economy
Dissertation Title: A Woman's Worth: Gendered Concepts of Value in Victorian Literature
B.A., The College of William and Mary


Brittany Henry
B.A. English and Spanish, Texas A&M University



Sophia Hsu
Victorian literature, biopolitics, liberalism
Dissertation Title: Genres of Population: Biopolitics and the Novel in a Liberal Age
B.A. English and Communication Studies, University of California, LA


 Rice Shield

Ryan Kehoe 
B.A. (summa cum laude with Honors Thesis), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


 Rice Shield

Joshua Kitching 
B.A., University of Pittsburgh


 Benjamin Kozicki

Benjamin Kozicki
B.A. English, Michigan State University
B.S. Human Biology, Michigan State University


 Annie Lowe  

Annie Lowe
M.A. English, University of Kansas
B.A. English, University of Central Missouri



Kimberly Macellaro   
B.A., M.A., Rutgers University


 Alex McAdams

Alexander McAdams
Early modern English literature, studies in gender and masculinity, literature and science
M.A. English, University of Massachusetts Boston
B.A. English, University of Mississippi
Graduate Student Representative 2015-2016    


Michael Miller
20th and 21st  century literature, experimental & avant-garde film, systems theory/theories of the posthuman
M.A. English, University of Louisville
B.A. English, University of Kentucky


Seth Morton
B.A. English & German, Michigan State University


 Rice Shield

Jon Nelson
M.A., B.A., Sam Houston State



Rodrigo Martini Paula
Modernisms, posthumanism, Vilem Flusser
M.A. English, University of Louisville
M.A. Letters, Sao Paulo State University
B.A. Translation Studies in English, Sao Paulo State University


 Scott Pett Scott Allen Pett
Nineteenth-century American literature and culture, poetry and poetics, and membership politics (citizenship, immigration, nation)
M.A. English, Georgia State University
B.A. English, Brigham Young University
 Rice Shield

Mallory Pladus 
M.A. English and American Literature, Wake Forest University
B.A. English and American Literature, New York University


 Rice Shield

Suzanne Rindell
B.A, University of The Pacific


 Rosenthall Karen Rosenthall
18th and 19th Century American literature, the rise of American capitalism and industrialization, early American political theory 
Dissertation Title: Novel Economies: a Literary Prehistory of Industrial Capitalism, 1730-1859
M.A., The John W. Draper Program of Humanities and Social Thought, New York University
B.A., The George Washington University
 Rice Shield

Lindsay Sherrier
M.A. English, Tulane University
B.A. English, Tulane University

 New Elena

Elena Valdez
Chicana/o literary and cultural studies
B.A. English, University of New Mexico

 Rice Shield

Matthew Walker 
B.A., University of Houston


  Derek - New

Derek Woods
Dissertation Title: Trophic Diagrams: U.S. and Canadian Ecological Culture in the Great Acceleration
M.A. English, University of British Columbia
B.A. English, University of British Columbia


 Yates Richard

Meina Yates-Richard
B.A. English, University of Houston