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Department of English

Guidelines for Graduate Conference Travel Awards

The Graduate Committee has drawn up the following guidelines about disbursement of funds for graduate student travel requests. While we feel that conference travel is crucial for all students in the program, it does make sense to extend more support to students who are further along in the program, when conference presentations are closely related to their dissertation work and to job market activities. Students who are not in good standing or not making good progress will not be considered eligible for conference travel funds. (Students should note that the Rice fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30.)

  1. Conference travel funds can be used to cover the following: conference registration, airfare, lodgings, transportation, and meals. Students must be presenting a paper at a conference or interviewing at MLA to be eligible for funds.

  2. All students wishing to avail themselves of travel funds for the 2015-2016 school year must write fill out the Conference Travel Request Form by March 7, 2016

  3. Students wishing to receive an advance must submit their travel request form no later than three weeks prior to the travel departure date. Please note that advances are not guaranteed. Students who do not receive advances will be reimbursed for the approved amount after the travel is completed. Student must e-mail scans or photos of each individual, itemized receipt no later than two weeks after the conference travel is complete. Students who receive advances and do not submit receipts for the full advance amount will be responsible for paying back the difference.

  4. Students in their first, second or third year are eligible for up to $500 travel money to one conference in a fiscal year (June 1 -July 30) if they are presenting a paper. Students in their fourth, fifth and sixth years are eligible for up to $700.

  5. Students availing themselves of travel funds to the Dickens project will not be eligible for additional money for conference travel in that fiscal year (July 1-June 30). The Dean’s Office funds the two student trips in July to the Dickens Universe, and the English Department funds the succeeding trip to the Winter Conference in January. Any additional travel costs for that year will be the student’s responsibility.

  6. Students interviewing for jobs at the MLA may be eligible for up to $700 of travel money, but these students will not be eligible for any additional funds during the year.          


Year in Program

Travel Money Available

1st – 3rd Years


4th – 6th Years


You can request funds online here: Conference Travel Request Form.