Rice University

Department of English

Graduate Award History 

Shirley Bard Rapoport Essay Prize

This essay prize is awarded every year for the best essay by a graduate student in the English Department. Morris Rapoport established this endowed prize as a memorial to honor his beloved wife and lifetime partner, Shirley Bard Rapoport, and her love of writing and literature.

Sophia Hsu for her essay, "Gothic Fertility: Reproductive Ecology and the Rise of the Milieu in Leonora Sansay’s Secret History (1808)," 2014

Abby Goode for her essay, "Domestic Governmentality: Family, Italy, and the Biopolitical State in The Woman in White," 2013

AnaMaria Seglie for her essay, "Hemispheric Irving and the Histories of Empire," 2012

Joanna O'Leary for her essay, "Two For One? Twins and the Anxieties of (Re)Productions in Dickens," 2011

Jon Nelson for his essay, "Counterfeiting Romance in Robert Greene's Rogue Pamphlets," 2010

Margaret C. Ostrum Summer Research Grants, 2014

Abby Goode will travel to the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Massachusetts to research black nationalist writings, agricultural periodicals, and pre-1820 visual representations of the West Indies.

Jennifer Hargrave will travel to Tokyo, Japan to conduct archival research on Romantic-era Anglo-Sino relations in the Morrison Collection of the Toyo Bunko (The Oriental Library).

Caroline S. and David L. Minter Summer Research Grant, 2014

John Ellis-Etchison will travel to New Orleans, Louisiana to research early modern texts and documents in the Rare Books Collection at Tulane University's Howard-Tilton Library.

Seth Morton will travel to the Vilhem Flusser archive in Berlin, Germany to study unpublished texts that help connect Flusser’s version of German media theory with modern aesthetics.

AnaMaria Seglie will travel to New Orleans, Louisiana to conduct archival research on George Washington Cable in the Louisiana Research Collection at Tulane University's Howard-Tilton Library.

Meina Yates-Richard will travel to the New York Public Library to conduct archival research at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

Chair’s Best Dissertation Prize

This award is given out each year by the Department Chair to the best dissertation completed in that same year as determined by a committee of English faculty.

Joanna O'Leary, “The ‘Terror of the Tiny’: Contagion and the Transformation of Nineteenth-Century Literature" 2014. Director: Helena Michie

Heather Miner, "Communities of Place: Making Regions in the Victorian Novel" 2013. Director: Helena Michie

Jennifer Rickel, "Narrative States: Human Rights Discourse in Contemporary Literature" 2012. Director: Betty Joseph

Elizabeth Womack, "Secondhand  Economies: Recycling, Reuse, and Exchange in the Victorian Novel" 2011. Director: Helena Michie

Victoria Ford Smith, “Between Generations: Imagination, Collaboration and the Nineteenth-Century Child” 2010. Director: Robert L. Patten

Lodieska Stockbridge Vaughn Fellowship

This award provides a one year fellowship for a graduate student whose record at Rice shows evidence of outstanding achievement and promise. Up to three awards may be given in the Humanities each year.

Samhita Sunya
Received Award for academic year 2013-2014 

Michael Griffiths
Received Award for academic year 2011-2012

Amelia Scholtz
Received Award for academic year 2009-2010

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